05 May, 2010

Wine word Wednesday.

Today's word is clos. This is a french term that stands for enclosure. It refers to any vineyard or plot of land that is enclosed by a wall. It is commonly found in the region of Burgundy, but has also been used outside of that region. You'll see wineries, especially in the U.S. using Clos in their name, even though they don't have a wall.. For example: Clos du Val or Clos Pegase in California. In Burgundy, the most famous walled vineyard is Clos Vougeot. Here's a picture of their vineyards that I downloaded from their website. If you look very closely, you'll see the wall hug the roadside.

Photo credit: JL Bernuy

Similar in meaning is climat, also French. It refers to a single plot of land or field. Each climat is reported to have it's own terroir. What is terroir? Ahh, you'll have to wait until next Wednesday.


  1. You've created your own "www"! Love it. Thanks for the interesting education, Sandy.

  2. I'm just starting to learn about wine, and your blog has been very helpful. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and informative posts!

  3. Waiting for each week is going to be too hard!!!

    I did not know this. Very cool. Amazingly I have found that the Tour de France is good for learning some things about France that are related to wine. I'll have to post any new ones from this year when it comes around in July.

    Thank You


  4. So interesting,wine tasting, testing , collecting all fun. Your site adds to to fun.