27 May, 2010

An inexpensive summer red.

I love red wine but tend to lean towards whites during the summer for their cool, refreshing quality. But we grill an awful lot all summer long and often red wines pair well with the beef and pork we toss on the grill.

I discovered this great inexpensive red wine at a tasting at Surdyk's last summer and immediately fell in love. I've since taken it to several friends who are also impressed. They're even more impressed when I tell them I was able to pick it up for about $8 on sale.

Then today, imagine my surprise when I found Evodia  featured on the WSJ blog, On Wine.  Lettie Teague featured it as a low tannin wine, making it a very smooth red to drink. This Spanish wine is made from Grenache (or Garnacha if you're in Spain) so expect the juicy wine to express flavors of  raspberry, blackberry and black pepper. Enjoy!


1 comment:

  1. I first tried this wine at Spill the Wine last year during a bachelorette party. I also love it and am still amazed how inexpensive it is!