19 May, 2010

Wine Word Wednesday: Saignee.

This French term means "bled". This refers to the technique of running off (or bleeding) some juices from crushed red grapes to make rose wines. The length of time the juice is left on the skins determines the intensity of the color. Sometimes, the juice is run off after only a few hours resulting in a very pale rose. However, not all the juice is run off the skins and that which is left on will be come a very concentrated red wine.  Two birds with one stone you might say.


  1. Another wonderful adventure through the world of wine words. I understand some of the cheap White Zinfandel's are actually blended before bottling, obviously not the Saignee process...


  2. Jason, some of the roses I tasted on Sunday were also blends and very good, especially those from the South of France. I've found with Roses that they are hit or miss for me. I'm not sure I'm in love with them in the same way I love sparkling wine.