21 May, 2010

Rose Tasting: Odds and Ends

This will be my last post on the Rose Tasting. Today I'll focus on a couple of the unusual wines as well as some other fun ones.

Lopez de Heredia Rioja: Pictured above in the center, this was the oldest wine in the tasting. A 1998 vintage, this Spanish Rioja Rose was an orange or dark peach color. Not surprsing as wines turn more amber colored as they age. However, it is unsual for for a rose to be aged as they are typically meant to be drunk young. Also, this rose was unusual because it had been aged for 4 1/2 years in barrels. This rose didn't have any of the qualities you would expect in a rose, instead it was full of dried fruits like raisins and prunes and a hint of caramel.

Chateau Deffends: This rose is a classic from the region that's known for rose, Provence. Pictured above center it's a beautifully pink blend of syrah, grenache and cinsault. Flavorwise, it is typical for the region. For me, it had notes of strawberry, tea and olives. Tasty indeed.

Whispering Angel: Above center, Don't let the pretty label fool you, this isn't a fluffy sweet wine. From Chateau D'Ecslans in Provence this is a great food wine. Made from grenache and rolle (a white grape used for blending, some believe it is identical to vermentino in Italy) this wine had a good balance fruit, sweetness and acid. I liked the light red fruit flavors of strawberry and cherry.

Pavao Vinho Verde: This white pictured on the left is from Portugal. Vihno Verde literally means green wine and that is what you'll taste. This great summer sipper has almost a fizzy quality to it and tastes green like an underripe apple or pear. Plus, this wine is only $8.00 ($6.39 until Memorial Day at Solo Vino's sale).

Okay, last up. If you're looking for an alternative white for the summer consider a falanghina from Italy. This grape is grown in the Campania region of Italy and makes wines that can be very fragrant. This wine, pictured left, is the San Martino. It was citrusy, minerally and had loads of green flavors. This, too, is a very affordable summer wine at only $10, even less at the sale.

Well, I think I'm officially ready for summer and I hope these posts have given you some ideas for your next picnic or barbecue.


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