15 July, 2010

Paella and Bordeaux

(Image via bluewaikiki's flickr)

I must admit that I prefer white wines with seafood dishes so the headline of this WSJ post caught my eye. Lucky Jay McInerney is a neighbor of Eric Ripert, the famed seafood chef of Le Bernardin in New York. The article relays a tale of a great paella dinner cooked by Ripert and served with a great Bordeaux.

What makes this pairing work? Says McInereny, a heavy hand with the chorizo. Yum. Sounds like a dish and a pairing I'll have to try soon. Maybe I can get my Ribs and Red friends to join in. Anyone else up for some fun?

Check out the post, you'll be inspired and jealous.



  1. Oh I love paella and I agree with the white wine pairing with seafood. But this sounds promising!

  2. Margot and I were doing some research on Ribera del Duero and Spain (in general) for the soon to be first in our Wine Regions of the World series and we also found quite a few paella and related recipes served with red wine. And your source revealed the same secret, cured meat.

    They were drinking some good wines with their meal. I'll take a good paella and a couple of decent bottles, I'm not greedy!