15 September, 2010

Wine Word Wednesday: Cuvee

The world of wine can be confusing and it doesn't help when one word has two meanings. Unfortunately, today's word is one of those. However, the good news is that when ever you see the word, you're usually in for something delicious. So fear not. 

Cuvee. Originally, the french term meant any vat or container wine. However, wine makers have used the term to mean blend. You'll often see it on red wines as the Vintner's Cuvee. 

When paired with the words Tete de, as in tete de cuvee,  it takes on an entirely different meaning. This is used when referring to a maker's top bottling. You'll often see this on bottle of Champagne or even the famous Bordeaux dessert wine, Sauternes. 

So there you have it. Once less thing to fear.



  1. Informative, Good to know! Thanks for sharing (=

  2. Thanks for the definition. I have only come across this term a few times and didn't have any idea what it meant.