12 August, 2010

What happens in the vineyard.

When I sit down to relax with a delicious glass of wine, I don't think I've ever appreciated all the work that goes into making that glass of juice. But how could I since I've never been in the vineyard during growing season. Well here's a video from Jordan in Sonoma that helps put me in the middle of the vineyard and shows some of the hard work that's so important right now. Specifically, leaf pulling. It's incredibly important that the proper amount of sunshine reach the grapes in order for them to ripen. This video shows how much hand work goes into this vineyard step.

Now, Jordon wines do not come cheap. The cabernet sauvignon sells for about $50 and their chardonnay sells for about $30. I think that one of the benefits of this video is that I now understand why wines like this command prices like these. It take a tremendous amount of care and attention to bring in the best possible grapes and it demands a great deal of hand work. A machine could never do this.

Thanks to Jordan for posting this video!


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  1. I have picked once at a local NH vineyard and ever since I truly appreciate the hard work that goes into it. I crush and press grapes at home for my own wines so I know that part, but there is so much work that goes on before then!